There are several things you need to do if your garage door is not opening. You can check out our guide by clicking right here.

Is your garage door having trouble opening? Can’t figure out how to get your garage door to function properly?

If your garage door has been failing to open recently, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem and get it working again. There are a lot of potential causes to the problem, so there are several things you’ll want to check to figure out the issue is and get it working correctly again.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you out. Here’s what you should do if your garage door is not opening as it should be.

1. Start With the Remote

If your garage door isn’t opening properly, the very first thing you need to check is the garage door remote. In some cases, the reason that your door isn’t working isn’t due to problems with the garage door itself but because there is an issue with your remote.

It’s possible that the batteries have gone dead in your remote, so this is usually the first thing you should check when you have a garage door opener problem. While this won’t always be the case, fixing your garage door issue could be as simple as replacing the batteries in your remote control.

Alternatively, you may need to try resetting the remote. Check the owner’s manual to determine what steps you’ll need to take to reset it.

2. Check the Power Source

Another thing to check if there is an issue is whether the garage door itself is getting enough power or not.

You should check the opener to see if it’s plugged in completely and should determine if the outlet is getting power. You should also check to see if there is a tripped circuit breaker. The circuit breaker may get tripped if there was an electrical surge of some kind, so take a look at your home’s circuit breaker panel to see if the switch has been flipped into the “Off” position.

If necessary, you’ll want to reset your breaker and restore power to your garage door. However, if you don’t notice any of the signs of low power, then you may need to look elsewhere to resolve your problem.

3. Look For a Disconnected Trolley

If your garage door isn’t opening, you should also check whether the trolley has been disconnected.

The trolley is a part that is attached to the ceiling. It’s the rail that is located between the garage door and the motor. The trolley is a critical part of the garage door, and if it stops working correctly, you may find that your door stops opening as it should.

You should check to see if the trolley has been accidentally disconnected from the pull-cord which should be connected to it. If you notice that these parts have become disconnected, you may only need to reattach them for your garage door to start functioning normally again.

4. Find Out If the Track is Misaligned

Another reason that your garage door may not be opening is due to the track being misaligned with the door. If a garage door roller is off one of the side tracks then the opener won’t work properly and the door won’t open.

The track may become misaligned if the door has been impacted by a large physical object, but regardless of the reason, it can cause problems. You should avoid operating the door until it’s fixed.

If the track is misaligned with the door, then you’ll want to get it back on track before using it again. You may be able to do this yourself with the help of one other person by moving the rollers back onto the tracks. You may also want to call a professional to ensure you don’t cause further damage while trying to fix it.

5. Change the Pulling Force

If your garage door isn’t working properly, you may also need to adjust the pulling force of the opener. The pulling power of the opener can be adjusted with some tweaking.

Usually, the opener’s pulling force will automatically change over time. If so, it may have started to require more and more power in order to lift the door properly.

You’ll want to check in your garage door’s owner’s manual to determine what the process is for adjusting the opener’s pulling force. By doing this, you may find that your garage door starts working properly again.

6. Make Sure the Photo-eye is Clean

Another thing you should do if you notice that your garage door is not opening correctly is to clean or adjust the garage door’s photo-eye.

The photo-eye is a small sensor that is located just above the floor in the garage door track. It detects whether there are any objects below the garage door as it is closing. This helps ensure that the garage door stops and doesn’t harm any objects or people who are underneath.

The photo-eye may stop functioning properly if it has become dirty and this can lead to problems with opening your garage door as well. You may want to try cleaning the photo-eye with a rag if you’re experiencing garage door issues.

7. Call a Professional

While you might be able to check for some of the things on the above list yourself, it’s usually a good idea to get professional garage door repair if your garage door has been malfunctioning. A garage door repairman can help you get to the bottom of your issue and can fully inspect and repair your garage door opener.

The repair needed may be a simple one, but in some cases, more extensive fixes will be needed. While you may be able to diagnose and treat the problem on your own, hiring a professional can make the process much easier and can ensure that you’ll get your garage door in great working order with minimal headaches.

Understanding What to Do if Your Garage Door Is Not Opening

If your garage door is not opening as it should be, there are a number of reasons why you might be having issues. Be sure to check for the items on the above list if your garage door is malfunctioning.

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