From Mini to Maxi: How to Optimize a Small Garage Space


Are you looking for help optimizing your garage space? We’ve got everything you need to successfully optimize the space you have today.


Having a garage attached to your home makes for the perfect space to store things. Sporting goods, seasonal decorations, and other supplies can all be stored away outside of your living space but still inside your home.

The downfall, though, is when all the storage supplies start to pile up and overflow your garage.

If you have so many items inside your garage that you can’t even find something when you need it, then are you really maximizing your garage space?

Luckily, there are a few ways to stay organized and get the most out of your garage and prevent clutter from affecting your mental health. Even the smallest garage can store all your items with ease if organized properly.

Are you ready for a garage improvement project? Continue reading below to learn how to optimize a small garage space today!


Go Through Everything and Organize


Before you start trying to place everything in a specific storage spot, make sure you go through it all first.

Why waste time trying to organize junk you’ll never use? Make your piles first, then organize.

You should have a few different piles. One pile is for items to keep, another is for items to sell or donate, and the last pile is for items to throw away. Once you’ve gone through it all, you can then begin to organize and store the items you actually want.

This will save you both time and space.


Know What Your Needs Are


The next step is to know what your needs are.

How much space in the garage do you need for your vehicles? How much space is left over after all vehicles are in the garage?

Will you need a workbench and table? Which items do you use the most? Think about where the best place to store these items would be.

You want to be able to access them with ease. Keep all of these thoughts in mind before beginning to build and install your storage.


Use Vertical Storage


A great way to add storage without taking up space is to use vertical storage options. How much wall space does your garage have? You’ll want to use as much wall space as possible for storing your items.

You can find plenty of vertical storage options that aren’t bulky and won’t take up walking space. You can purchase a sports caddy that’ll hold plenty of sporting equipment without taking up too much space in the walkway. You can also install bungee cords attached to wood or plastic boards to hold basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and more.

For small tools, hang a flat wooden tool rack over the workbench. For larger tools, such as rakes and shovels, you can mount them on the wall horizontally to save space.


Install Pull-Out and Fold-Up Options


Find different storage equipment that can either pull out from the wall or fold up into the wall. There are a few different options for you. Some fold-up storage containers can hold items in it and then fold out to be used as a work station.

This is a great option for small garages where a lot of space isn’t available, but you still need a table to enjoy doing all of your favorite crafts on. The chair you use at your station should be comfortable but should be able to be tucked away or folded up as well.


Hang Racks on the Ceiling


Don’t forget to utilize your ceiling as well! Your garage’s ceiling is the perfect place for many items. When choosing to use the ceiling for storage, make sure you purchase an overhead storage rack made to hold heavy objects.

This will ensure peace of mind, knowing that nothing’s going to fall. You’ll also want to install them properly as to not get in the way of your garage door. Once you have your rack installed, you can then place several large items on the rack to get them out of your way.

Be sure to know what the weight limits are for the rack. It might also come in handy to have one that allows you to adjust the height of the rack. When you’re ready to use something stored on it, you can simply adjust the height to bring the rack down for easy accessibility.


Consider Cubby Holes


Cubby holes create the perfect place for all your small knick-knacks and garage items. You can install cubby holes on the garage wall or place them on the ground. Each cubby hole can hold a specific item.

Be sure to use labels so you know where to place all of your power cords, nails, painting supplies, or something else. When you keep things organized it’ll make it much easier to find stuff when it’s time to use them.

You can consider installing shelving on the walls as well. Open shelves are perfect for holding plenty of different garage items.


It’s Time to Maximize Your Garage Space


If you currently can’t find anything you need when searching for items in your garage, or if there’s not enough room for everything in your garage, then it’s time to start maximizing your garage space in Texas, Washington, or Oregon!

Why continue to trip over clutter when you can have an organized garage space? Use the helpful tips listed in this guide above to ensure you do just that.

To make sure your garage is even more beneficial, be sure to contact us about the different garage door services we can provide to you.