Cleaning your garage can be quite the chore. Let us help make it easier for you. Keep reading to learn how to clean out your garage and keep it organized.

Did you know that studies indicate that as few as ten minutes in an organized space can make you twice as likely to make healthier food choices? Keeping things cleaned and organized has many great benefits for your physical and mental health.

Organizing everything around you can lower your stress levels and help manage depression. Organization and cleanliness can improve your sleep patterns and can help you focus better, leading to a more productive version of yourself.

With all the benefits of organization, getting to work on that messy garage is key. If you’re wondering how to clean out your garage, we’ve got all the best tips to do it. Keep reading to learn more.

Move Everything Out Into the Driveway

The first step to cleaning out and organizing your garage successfully is to take everything you have piled into it out into the driveway.

This will help you look through what you have and reorganize all your items before putting them back into the garage. This is also a great way to figure out what space your garage has so you know how to organize it best when you’re ready to put your things back into it.

This will help you figure out what ways to best store the items you have. You might have to go out and buy some materials for storing, so clearing everything out first is important.

Plan Out Where You Want Everything to Go

Creating a plan for tackling challenges is crucial to getting things done properly and efficiently. It prioritizes what needs to get done and the best way to do it.

The same goes for organizing and cleaning your garage. The best way to start after you’ve cleared out the garage is to jot down how you’d like it to look when you’ve finished.

Do you want more storage space on the walls? Are you going to have a separate section for your art supplies? How will you store the kids’ legos?

Having answers to all these questions before putting anything back into your garage is crucial. If you’re having trouble starting the organizing process, tackle small tasks first. You can start by organizing your paintbrushes into their own pile and continue that way until you’ve completed the job.

While you’re creating your plan for how the garage will look, think about where you want things to be located. If you’re always gardening, you want to leave those tools where you can access them easily. Something like skates that you use less often can be stored on a high shelf.

Decide What Items to Keep

The most important part of learning how to clean your garage properly is deciding what you can and should keep. Humans tend to hold on to things, even when you don’t necessarily use them or need them.

Ask yourself how often you use something to decide if there’s a need to keep it. Think about how often throughout the year you’ve used the item and make a decision based on those facts.

You may find it easier to separate items into sections based on annual use, like snowboards, and items you use more often, like painting supplies.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Want

This is the step in the process that’s the hardest to get through. Deciding to get rid of things is harder than it seems but it’s necessary in order to achieve the organized garage you’ve always wanted. If you haven’t used something in a year, if it’s broken, or too old, it isn’t worth keeping.

There are certain items that you don’t need or want anymore that can be donated to your local Good Will. Some skates you don’t use or any toys your kids don’t play with are great donation items.

You can set some items aside that are still in good condition for a garage sale and make some cash on your old things. That rusty lawnmower that doesn’t work anymore or that ripped up sofa should be left out for bulk trash pick up.

Clean the Garage

When you’re through taking everything out of your garage and organizing it into appropriate piles, you should focus on cleaning the space in your garage. This means dusting it, sweeping out any debris, and brushing out any stains.

This might be a good time to think about using a power washer to deep clean the area. Painting your garage is another way to change and organize the space in a new way. Check out some of the garage organization services we offer to help you with all of your garage needs.

Create Unique Wall Storage

A garage isn’t a huge space so creating some type of wall storage space is important to fit everything, including your cars. Building some shelves that can fit storage bins is a good idea, you can use this space to store things like seasonal decorations.

You can also place some hooks on the walls of your garage, with a pegboard, to hang things like brooms or gardening tools.

Label Everything

A garage can only stay clean if you set up an organization system that makes everything easy to find and to put back. One way to do this is by organizing items by category. Put all of your sports gear together and all of your art supplies in one place.

Another good idea is to label your storage bins, this will make it easier to find things that are a little more tucked away.

How to Clean Out Your Garage: The Best Tips to Follow

If you’re wondering how to clean out your garage, the guide above lists some good advice to follow. Getting rid of items you don’t use and labeling things are some of the best ways to organize your garage and keep it clean.

If you need help with garage organization installation, need a repair, or are interested in one of our other services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any of the questions you may have.