How Often Should Portland Home Owners Service Their Garage Door?


The hardest working part of your home is your garage door. That is one of the greatest reasons for Portland residents to have your garage door serviced each year. You need to make sure your garage door is working smoothly and have it serviced by trained professionals. A garage door is used more often than your front door. Since your garage door has many mechanical working parts, it’s best to keep them oiled and clean of dirt and rust. 


Why does your garage door need servicing? 


Your garage door is the largest operating piece of equipment in your home. Keeping your garage door in service can help keep you away from costly repairs. When your garage door is in service it’s easy to spot mechanical parts that may need to be repaired. Checking all the mechanicals of your garage door spots any problems you have with it will help keep you worry free. 


The Parts of Your Garage Door that Need Serviced and Repaired.


Springs – A professional garage door installer and repair person can spot tension problems and small cracks in your garage door spring. Garage door springs can be one of the most dangerous parts of your garage door should they break. 

Garage Door Opener – The opener is one of the main mechanical pieces of your garage door allowing it to go up or down correctly. 

Garage Door Cables – Cables need to be checked for rust and fraying. If cables look as if they may be worn badly they need to be replaced. 

Garage Door Rollers – If the rollers show some bending or look cracked and damaged they should be replaced with new ones.

Garage Door Sections and Panels – If your garage door panels have been bent or damaged you should consider replacing a panel or even think about purchasing a new garage door.

Garage Door Hinges – Hinges are not often broken but that doesn’t mean they can be. It’s possible for them to become bent or damaged if your tracks and alignment are off.

Garage Door Tracks – The tracks should be checked for alignment and bending. If your tracks are off alignment or if they are bending this could further damage your garage door system.


Portland homeowners should keep an eye on these garage door parts monthly. 


Inspect the eye sensor – Keep the eye sensors clear of dirt and cobwebs. The garage door sensors tell your door opener when it’s okay to open and if it’s okay to close. 

Clean door tracks  – Keep your garage door tracks, rollers and floor clean of dirt and debris.

Check garage door – Check your garage door panels and hinges. You should also disconnect the opener and close the door by hand. If it is really hard to move the door up and down your garage door tracks may be out of alignment.

To sum it all up, you should have your garage door serviced annually to keep it in great working order. When your garage door is in perfect working order it’s safe for you and your family to operate several times daily. 

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