From LiftMaster to Genie, there are many different types of garage door openers to choose from. Learn what’s best for you and your door here.


Garage doors can be expensive to install, ranging from a little over $700 to more than $10,000. Because buying a garage door opener is such a big investment, you need to do your research before you decide on what is best for you.

Do you want to learn more about what’s the best garage door opener? Keep reading our garage door opener buying guide to learn more about the different types of garage door openers!

What To Consider

You may want to consider a few things before you decide on what type of garage door opener you want to buy. First, how big is your garage door, and how often will you need to use it? This will help you decide on what kind of lift power your garage door opener will need.

Another thing to you need to know is if you will need to access your garage door remotely. If so, you may need a garage door opener with Wi-Fi capabilities. And finally, you may need to find a garage door opener with backup power if your home is in a power outage.

Choosing a type of garage door opener can be difficult. There are two main types of openers, either a wall mount or an overhead garage door opener. There are also other subcategories of openers that you should learn more about. Here is more information on the different types of garage door openers.

Wall Mount or Jackshaft Openers (quieter)

Wall mount garage door openers are perfect for people who have limited space. Thay are mounted on the wall closest to the garage door, rather than taking up overhead space. This is great for people who have larger vehicles that need a higher level of clearance. It is also a quieter option for a garage door as it helps minimize vibrations in your home.

Another benefit of using a wall mount or a jackshaft opener is fewer issues and malfunctions. This also means that it is easier to maintain as it doesn’t require a chain or belt.

Overhead Garage Door Openers

Overhead garage door openers are the most common type of opener used in homes. The opener is mounted on the ceiling and has a type chain, belt, or screw-drive mechanism that will open the door.

Belt Drive (quieter)

A belt drive overhead garage door is another option for a quieter garage door opener. Because they are made with steel-enforced rubber, they can lift any door. They are very durable and work faster than other types of garage door openers.

One drawback of this type of opener is that it will often have shorter lifespans than other types of openers. However, they usually have better warranties than other openers, like chain drives.

Chain Drive

This type of garage door opener uses a metal chain to open your garage door. This opener has a chain and gears that work together to lift the garage door. This is the most common type of overhead garage door opener. They are more cost-effective than other options because they last longer and are made with stronger materials.

However, because it uses a metal chain, chain drive garage door openers can be much louder than other garage door openers. Another drawback is that garage doors with this type of opener will not open quite as smoothly.

Screw Drive

A screw drive garage door opener is a bit harder to understand. They use a threaded metal rod that will lift your door and slide it along a track. These door openers are heavy-duty and reliable. However, they require a little more maintenance than other opener types.

A screw drive opener is a great option for your garage if you have limited space. It is also a great option if you use your garage door frequently, and looking for a garage door that is easier to install.

Smart Openers

Smart garage door openers allow smartphone control of your garage door. If you use a smart opener, your door will open the same way as other types of openers. However, you can connect this garage door to a Wi-Fi network and remotely open and close your garage door.

You can do this through an app on your phone! You can also get alerts for when your garage door is opened and closed. This type of garage door is perfect for anyone focused on safety and convenience!

LiftMaster vs Genie Garage Door Opener

Both Genie and Liftmaster garage door openers are some of the top brands in the market. If you know what type of garage door opener you want, you can always ask a company like Garage Harmony for a free quote. They can also give you recommendations for which brand to choose. Our team offers both brands and can help you with all of your garage door needs!

How Long Does Installation Take?

Installing a garage door opener is a timely process. It can take several anywhere from 4-6 hours! This process takes even longer for people who haven’t installed a garage door opener before. This is why it is necessary to hire a professional company to complete the installation process.

Find The Best Types of Garage Door Openers Today!

While there are many types of garage doors, finding the best one for your garage is important. While one may not be much better than others, you can make an informed decision based on the benefits and functions you want for your garage door opener. Finding a professional company to help you choose and install the best types of garage door openers can take the stress away from you.

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