What You Need to Know About Professional Garage Door Installation

A new garage door is an important home improvement project. Understand the factors that affect garage door installation costs so you can properly budget for it.

Every year, garage doors cause approximately 30,000 injuries, which means garage door installation is the one thing you should never DIY. Trying to install your garage door can lead to all sorts of potential dangers and not just for you but for anyone working and living with you. You might feel like you’re saving the installation costs, but your safety must always come first.

Besides, you may lose your warranty if you damage the garage door. Given that you neither have the experience, nor the right tools to get the job done, it’s best that you leave the task to garage door installation professionals.

If you’re worried about the costs, we’ll break down the factors that will determine how much you spend on your garage door and professional installation.

How Much Does a Garage Door Installation Cost?

There is no straightforward answer to this because there are several factors that come into play. The garage door materials, operation, and style all come into play, and of course, the installation company you hire will determine the overall costs. Having a professional company take care of it is worth it, though, because you won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements any time soon.

Single vs. Double Garage Doors

You may opt for a single garage door, but if you have more than one car, you can go for separate double garage doors or one wide door. Using two doors could give a distinctive appearance to your curb appeal, especially if you choose a decorative style. However, these require more space, and may potentially cost more than one single door as they support in between.

The Garage Door Materials

Garage doors come in a wide variety of materials, each of which determines the price points. Steel is hand down one of the most common materials due to its sturdy and durable nature. Steel garage doors are readily available, relatively affordable, and come in the sectional style most people are used to.

However, they don’t insulate that well, they dent easily, and they come in limited styles. Vinyl garage doors are an attractive option for homeowners who want a cheaper alternative to wood. Vinyl is both lightweight and low maintenance, and if you want an inexpensive option with good insulation, it’ll do well.

On the downside, vinyl warps with time due to high temperatures and cracks with low temperatures. It’s best suited for people who live in moderate climates.

If vinyl doesn’t sound appealing, you can go for aluminum, which is a great alternative for steel because it’s a bit lighter in comparison. It can be insulated, and it’s not going to sag with time due to its weight.

Wood is an incredible option loved for its beauty and versatility, but it’s the most expensive option and requires high maintenance. Fiberglass is a good wood alternative that can be insulated and painted.

It’s low maintenance, lightweight, and won’t rust, dent or crack. You could also consider composite, which is a combination of resin and fibers. These give it a wooden grain, and they are pricey since they can be insulated.

Garage Door Styles

Garage doors come in a variety of styles, some of which can be customized while others come in stock options. Some of the most common garage door styles include paneled carriage and french doors. Paneled doors come in many panels, carriage doors are two doors that open outwards, while french doors look and operate like regular french doors.

Garage Door Sizes, Openers, and screens

The size of the garage door will also determine the overall garage door installation costs. You can have your garage doors custom made to any style and size you desire, or you can purchase stock doors that come in standard staples and sizes.

You can also opt to have a garage door opener installed instead of opening it manually, but this will raise the overhead costs. There are several garage door opener styles, including sectional doors, sliding, swing out, and up and over. Beyond that, you can choose to have a garage door screen installed, which could be manual or motorized.

The Garage Door Installation Process

The garage door installation process usually starts with measurements, especially for homeowners looking for s custom fit. The installation process will vary on the type of garage door you choose. For instance, the frame of a carriage door must be installed first.

The installation company you choose must be competent and professional enough to offer quality services so you can avoid problems later on. The labor costs will depend on the company’s mode of payment as some companies charge a flat rate while others charge by the hour.

Most of the time, though, you’ll find most companies charging more for custom and heavy wooden garage doors. The same goes for specialized hardware or wraps.

Improvements and Enhancements

Installing a new garage door may come with several other improvements or enhancements to your garage. For instance, you may need to have the old door removed and disposed of by the installation company, which will raise the overall price. If you choose to have your garage floor power washed, new lighting added, or the opening resized for custom garage doors, the price is bound to increase.

Contact Professional Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are heavy, complicated, and dangerous when installed incorrectly. This means you should leave garage door installation to professionals.

The garage door tracks must be installed correctly, the springs wound well and everything placed in the right place for it to function as intended. Garage doors are especially a big safety risk for children, and it’s in your best interest to keep your family safe at all times.

We would be more than willing to offer you more information about the best type of garage door for your home, and offer you professional installation services. Kindly get in touch with us today so we can assist you!