There are several options when it comes to choosing garage door paint colors. You can find out more by checking out our guide here.

The time has come, you have decided that it is time to paint your garage door.

Your garage door takes up quite a bit of space in front of your home. Grappling with the decision on what color it should be painted is completely understandable!

With so many color options and combinations, it is hard to know exactly what will look best.

There are several ways to help determine what will be the best garage door paint color. Find out more by reading this guide here.

The Main Components

There are a few things that can determine what paint color will work best for your garage. What colors you are already using on your home, what material your garage door is made out of, and where your home is located:

Your House’s Main Color

Typically your home has three colors, the field color, a trim color, and an accent color. A good rule of thumb is that your garage door should either match the overall field color or the trim color. Ask yourself which color you want the garage door to match.

A garage door that is the same color as the main house will make your home look bigger and draw your focus to other features of the home.

The most popular choice for garage doors right now is white because white truly brings all colors together. No matter what the other colors of your house are, white is a good grounding agent.

With that being said, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your garage door! Adding a statement color is also a great way to give your space an update and makeover.

Making a Statement

The color that you choose can also make a big statement depending on the color pallet you use. There are several different ways you can go.

You can use monochromatic tones. These are tones that vary in lightness but are all from the same color. This creates a sense of cohesion throughout the whole house.

You can also use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. This is called analogous. You may see a color like yellow and green in an analogous color scheme. You can achieve very rich and full colors.

Last, you can choose complementary colors. So if your house is one color, your garage color would be a color that is opposite your main house color on the color wheel.

Be careful, complementary colors are hard to balance, but can look amazing when done right!

The Base Material

One of the other main factors of choosing your garage door color is what base material your garage is constructed out of. The base material determines what kind of paint you should be using and the overall finished look of your garage.

Wood, steel, aluminum, and vinyl are the most commonly used materials for garages.

Garage doors made with wood already have quite a bit of natural color to them. Sometimes that color can be great for your garage door by itself! You may not want to cover it up! You could choose to put a translucent or semi-transparent paint.

With other materials such as steel, aluminum, and vinyl you will be able to pick standard colors when installing and would need to prime your garage door before choosing a new color.

When in doubt of exactly what paint color and what your garage door material means for your paint options, always ask the professionals.

Look at the Siding Material Too

Also, keep in mind the siding of your home. If there is brick, it is great to pick up on colors from the brick. Plus you have a wide selection of colors that match the brick and will enhance the overall look of your garage and house.

Stone siding can also be a factor when picking the best garage door paint color. Use more natural earthy tones that pop against the siding. Save other accent colors for the door or other smaller areas.

Location, Location, Location

Where you live determines a lot about what colors will look the best on your garage door.

First, we need to look at your overall geography. Do you live somewhere that is always sunny and hot? Or is it more of a colder climate?

Sun tends to drown out light colors. So you would not want to put extremely light colors on your garage.

If you live somewhere like Oregon, great garage door paint is going to be something that stands out from the natural environment and provides color on those rainy days.

Being a Friendly Neighbor

Your actual location in the neighborhood also plays a large factor when painting a garage door.

Typically, you want your home to have a unique and stunning design style while being in harmony with the rest of the neighborhood.

If your neighbor’s house is white and the other neighbor is tan. Painting your garage door a dark blue would not create harmony in a good way.

Think of colors that complement the other houses around you and go for a unique color that works best! You still stand out but not in a bad way.

Find Your Dream Garage Door Paint Color Today

In the end, if you look over your house’s main color, the base material of your home, and take into consideration the location of your home, you will pick a paint color that is stunning for your garage and overall home.

Think about what color pallet you want and how the color will look against any other materials surrounding your home.

Consider the sun and your local weather and what that will aesthetically do to your garage door color. Keep all that in mind and stick with a color you truly enjoy, you can’t go wrong!

If you still need help deciding on the best garage door paint color or painting your garage, our experts can advise you and make sure the job is done right.

Garage Harmony can help you with your garage door paint and much more. Contact us today!