Is your grade door remote not working? We’ve listed a few things that will help you troubleshoot and identify what the problem might be with your garage door remote. Sometimes things just don’t work as they should. We’re here to help you find out if you need a minor repair or if it’s time to upgrade? A professional garage door repair technician can help you locate and fix the problem quickly. A garage door technician will repair or replace any problem with your garage door opening system.

The battery in the remote needs replaced

Getting your remote to work might be as simple as replacing the battery. Sometimes the battery’s charge runs out or the battery’s connection is loose. Batteries will usually work for a year or two and even longer deepening on the type of battery you chose to use. Some remotes use a 12-volt battery while others require a newer 3-volt lithium battery.

When you install fresh batteries in your remote its possible the door still may not open. Other things may need to fixed or adjusted in your system by a local professional garage door company.

You Need to Reprogram the Remote

The signal between your garage door remote and the garage door opener could be disrupted and need to be fixed. Your remote control needs to be erased and reprogrammed. If you are not sure how to do that or have lost your manual you may need to call a trusted garage door repair company. They will need to clear the memory on your door opener, reprogram the remote control and reprogram the keypad for you.

A Wire Malfunction a Short In Your Door Control

If you have an older garage door system there could be a wire malfunction with the garage door control. If you have a wall-mounted panel that does not raise or lower your garage door that could mean you indeed do have a wiring malfunction.

Wall Mounted Lock Button On

It’s very possible that you could have accidentally pressed the button that locks the door. This can happen while the kids are playing, we all know they love pushing every button they see out of curiosity. You yourself could have possibly pressed the button while juggling groceries trying to open the door getting into your garage or house.

Garage Door Opener Needs to be Replaced

If you bought a house with an older garage door opener it might be worn out after many years of use and you’ll need to replace it. Garage doors and garage door openers are the largest and most used appliances in your home. When your garage door stops opening and closing this can cause many problems for you.

If your garage door is malfunctioning and not working like it should call the professional garage door installers at Garage Harmony. If you’re a homeowner or commercial business in any of the cities close to the main areas of Portland OR, Bend OR, Vancouver WA, or Plano TX call 1-855-427-2432. They have expertly trained professionals that can help you out with immediate quality service.