Commercial garage doors are designed to meet the specific needs of your business in Portland, Oregon. They can be more expensive than residential garage doors, but they typically last longer and are more reliable. Some features that may be important to a business include automatic opening and closing, weather protection, and security.


You have so many options to pick from! How can you decide on the right one for your business? If you would like to know more about our options for commercial garage door installation, read on.


What are some types of commercial garage doors?


Commercial garage doors come in many different styles and sizes to suit the needs of any business. Some common types of commercial garage doors are standard door, automatic door, tilt-up door, and side-hinged door. Commercial garage doors can be opened manually or by an automated system.


Make sure you select the right style and type for you. Here you’ll find an overview of the different styles you can choose from.


Overhead Doors


Among the most common and versatile types of garage doors is the overhead door. These are usable in various ways because they’re easy to use, can be easily modified, and are fully powered through manual means or with the use of a remote. They slide up rails placed on either end of a panel, lifting them to the ceiling.


The aluminized or glass slats that comprise the walls of the door are attached to one another through hinges. This allows for the door to fold when it hits the top of its rails.


It’s a reasonable installation for businesses with garages that are out of the way when open, but noticeable when they are shut. It’s also a good option for those seeking security in their facility.


Roll-up Doors


Roll-up doors are made up of several panels that fold up into a compact stack when the door is open. This type of door is ideal for businesses that need a lot of space for storage or for businesses that have limited overhead clearance.


Fire-Rated Doors


Garage doors are often one of the most visible components on a commercial building, so it’s important to choose the right type. Fire-rated commercial garage doors provide an extra layer of protection against fire and can help keep your business safe.


Fire rated doors are typically made of a fire-resistant material, such as steel, and have a special coating that helps resist heat and fire. The door must be properly installed in order to withstand extreme heat and fire. If you’re looking for a fire rated door, make sure to get one that fits your specifications and is installed properly.


Fabric Doors


The growing trend of fabric high speed doors is based on their ability to excel in a variety of demanding conditions. These doors can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in facilities where doors open quickly, such as hospitals and laboratories. Fabric high speed doors are also popular in warehouses and factories because they are fast-acting and offer protection from the elements. Fabric is a durable insulator that may keep the cold out or keep the heat in.


What else is important to think about before purchasing a commercial garage door?


  • Security features: There are a variety of security features available for commercial garage doors that can help keep you and your business safe. Locksets, keypads, and other security features may boost the security of a business.


  • Material: There are many types of garage door materials available on the market. The two most common are steel and aluminum. Steel is the most popular because it is strong and durable. It can also be painted to match any color scheme you have for your business. Aluminum is a good choice if you are looking for a lightweight option. It is also corrosion-resistant, so it will stay looking great for years.


  • Maintenance: It is highly recommended that you carefully consider the maintenance a specific garage door will require. Garage door repair and maintenance is often overlooked. It’s a common misconception that garage doors are maintenance-free. The truth is that all garage doors, no matter what type or brand, require some degree of regular care and maintenance to ensure longevity and proper function.


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