Who wants to wait for a creaky, slow garage door every time you come or go from home? No one! Here are 7 signs it’s time to buy a new garage door.

Do you need a new garage door? Don’t be so quick to say, “No.” The truth is, you might need one more than you think you do.

To illustrate, we’re about to show you 7 signs that you need garage door replacement. This also illustrates the invaluable benefits of new garage door installation.

For example, replacing your garage door can increase curb appeal and home value in case you’re trying to sell. Plus, a new door will have the security, functionality, and features you’ve been missing.

So, aside from needing a replacement, you might want one buy the time you finish reading this. In any case, check out these 7 reasons why you should consider buying a new garage door.

1. Yours Is Ugly

As a part of your home’s exterior, your garage door is exposed to the elements all the time. And most homeowners don’t wash their garage door as often as they should, or at all, for that matter.

As such, the paint will chip, the color will fade, and even rust can start to form. Some materials will begin to warp, impairing the function of the door.

And, speaking of function, the door is mechanical. So, every time it moves up or down, there’s a chance that some object will scrape against it, scratching the paint.

Other plausible wear and tear include dents and cracked windows. In any case, the eyesore of an ugly garage door is a detriment to your curb appeal.

Sometimes, the damage described above can be repaired. But, often, it’s better to replace it with a new garage door.

2. It’s Noisy

Your garage door should never be jarringly loud. In fact, it shouldn’t get louder at all.

If it’s significantly loud/louder than it was when it was new, there’s definitely a problem. For instance, the door or the track may be warped due to damage or normal wear and tear.

At the very least, you need to have a professional garage door installer come and take a look at it. They can tell you if the problem can be fixed or if you need to get a new garage door.

3. Loss of Functionality

Similarly, there are plenty of other functional impairments that happen to garage doors. One of the most common is that the door starts moving slower.

Sometimes it gets completely stuck and won’t open or close all the way. Obviously, this defeats the purpose of even having a garage door. In this case, you really need to get a new one to replace it.

Besides being useless, a malfunctioning garage door is extremely dangerous. Even attempting to fix the problem yourself is treacherous.

Specifically, the doors are heavy enough to crush a person if they come crashing down suddenly. Highly tensioned springs and pulleys that pop out of place unexpectedly can also cause serious injury.

4. You Keep Repairing It

Perhaps you’ve already called for professional garage door repair. In fact, it’s possible that you’ve gotten the door repaired several times.

If you’ve been calling a repair person to fix the door every few months, it’s time to stop. Clearly, your garage door is in its final days and the repairs aren’t a lasting solution. Save the money you’re wasting on these pointless repairs by replacing the door instead.

Don’t procrastinate on this, either. Remember, a malfunctioning garage door is a safety hazard.

5. It’s Not Secure

A broken garage door is unsafe in a different way, too. For example, when the door is stuck wide open, it’s extremely easy for someone to steal all the items inside while you’re asleep. This is also true if the garage door shuts but isn’t locking properly.

And let’s face it: you don’t have room in your house for all that stuff. If you did, it wouldn’t be stored in your garage in the first place.

Furthermore, even a perfectly functioning garage door might not be secure enough to protect your stored items. That is, some garage doors are simply not difficult for a professional thief to break into. This wouldn’t even make enough noise to wake you up, either.

So, if you have a lot of valuable items stored in your garage, you might consider getting a replacement door that has upgraded security features.

6. You Want the Latest Features

Speaking of upgraded features, there are probably a lot of technological breakthroughs that have come out since your current door was installed. For instance, some garage doors can recognize when your vehicle is approaching and open for you automatically.

In addition to being convenient, this is a security feature, too. That is, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing the push-button garage door opener out of your car to access your garage.

Also, some garage doors have superior installation and other weather-proofing features. This keeps the vehicles and other items in your garage in good condition.

7. You Want to Increase Property Value

Lastly, all of the points on this list affect your property value. For instance, improving your curb appeal makes your home more attractive to buyers. So does a secure, well-functioning, freshly updated garage door.

Consider a New Garage Door For Your Home

If you haven’t considered getting a new garage door for your home, you now have 7 excellent reasons why you should. To gain all the benefits listed in this guide, buy a new garage door.

To see some examples of your available options, click the New Garage Doors tab in our menu bar. If you want a price quote or have any other questions about new garage door installation, contact us here.