Are you looking for a new commercial overhead garage door installation company to install garage doors in your warehouse, factory, fire station, commercial garage, food services, or shipping distribution centers? There are several things you’ll need to consider when purchasing new garage doors for your business. Commercial garage doors range in all types of styles for you to choose from. Each business is unique in where and how the door will be used for day to day operation.

There are many types of garage doors and several styles of commercial doors, industrial doors and loading dock overhead doors for your business to pick from. 

Types of Commercial Overhead Garage Doors 


Rolling and Coiling Overhead Service Doors – These doors can be insulated or non-insulated provide secure insulation and are designed for areas with limited space. 

Thermacore Doors – Heavy-duty insulated sectional steel doors that are ideal for the commercial business that demands the highest quality of thermal efficiency and wind resistance. 

High-Speed Metal Doors – High-speed commercial garage doors are used in all types of businesses including maintenance garages, auto dealerships, cold storage and freezer units, high traffic warehouses, and parking garages. They perform even in the harshest of weather conditions and in the heaviest use areas.

Sectional Steel Doors – Commercial line of sectional steel and insulated steel doors that are used on a variety of industrial buildings and industrial types of applications. A Sectional overhead garage door is an excellent choice for all types of business owners. This type of overhead garage door can be either insulated or uninsulated depending upon your needs and the region you live in.

Insulated Overhead Doors – These doors help to lower your energy costs when you need to maintain consistent temperatures. Insulated overhead doors can lower outdoor noise levels significantly. This door will help your employees stay focused on productivity with its reduced noise capabilities. 

High-Speed Rubber Doors – An exterior door made for extreme environments to make sure the harsh elements stay outside of your business. 

High-Speed Fabric Doors – These doors feature a sealed and insulated curtain to prevent heat loss or cooling when one room temperature varies from another room temperature. 

Fire Rated Doors – This type of overhead door meets public safety regulations and can be used for any business in need of safety. Fire-rated doors have fast opening and closing speeds for added safety. These doors offer excellent insulation made of a material that is fire and noise resistant. 

Fire-Rated Counter Doors – This door is similar to the Fire Rated Door but they are primarily used for businesses like pharmacies in stores, eateries, retail stores, hospitals, and schools that need a fire-rated door that will close up and seal off their counter areas.

Vinyl Roll Up Commercial Overhead Doors – These doors are perfect for high traffic areas and offer high speeds at 3’ to 8’ per second. This door is easy to maintain and is used in warehouses, loading docks, coolers, and freezers, as well as exterior and interior openings. 

Security Grilles – These are steel plates and curtains designed for interior uses such as department stores in a large mall or strip mall. These doors can coil upward or they can be side-folding in design. 

Counter Doors – Similar to the security grilles these doors are used indoor and outdoor for food court types of businesses, retail, pharmacies, eateries, corporate and in professional service buildings.

Aluminum Glass Doors – This is a sectional door with framed in glass sections that is used for commercial applications. This door lets plenty of light in even when the door is shut. More and more restaurants and bars are using this type of door when they want to have an indoor-outdoor atmosphere. These garage doors are also popular for service stations, fire stations, commercial and industrial solutions. This door is very popular and is more visually attractive than most garage doors.

Cold Storage Overhead Garage Doors – Cold storage overhead garage doors are used for controlling internal temperatures. These doors are also a way to improve the energy-efficiency of your facility. Several industries use cold storage doors that utilize temperature-controlled rooms such as food packaging and distribution centers as well as everything in between medical labs and fishing docks.  

Wash Bay Doors – They are specifically made for car washes, truck washing services, and other large washing areas to service large vehicle fleets.

Wind Load Doors – When you need protection for your property from high winds this commercial door would be the perfect solution for your business.

Pole Barn Doors – These doors are designed for agricultural and industrial customers. They are durable doors customized for barns and other farm storage buildings protecting your equipment and animals from the harsh outdoor weather.

PVC Strip Doors – If you prefer to keep your garage doors open, a PVC strip curtain door can be installed as a barrier. Your employees can walk or drive through the plastic strips while maintaining consistent temperatures in the building. PVC strip doors can be used in areas that need to be kept clean and sanitary.  

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