Can you believe that something as small as your garage door can do wonders for your curb appeal? Keep reading to learn how.

Real estate professionals talk a lot about first impressions. When the exterior of a house isn’t attractive, realtors strongly encourage the homeowner to spruce up the outside. Paint the front door, add some flowers, or clear the clutter from the side yard.

Even if you’re not selling your home, the view from the street matters. It’s called curb appeal, and if your home doesn’t have any, you could be the talk of the neighborhood.

You can boost your home’s image and impress the neighbors by updating your garage door. Read today’s post and learn how having the best garage door on the block impacts the way people view your home.

Upgrade and Meet Your Neighbors

Do you avoid making eye contact with your neighbors because you have old dingy garage doors? If your home still has the original builder’s quality garage doors, consider upgrading.

You’ll not only improve the appearance of your home but replacing garage doors comes with a high return on investment.

There is a caveat! To maximize curb appeal, you’ll want to invest in the highest quality doors your budget will allow.

Hint: Still not sure about curb appeal meaning? It’s a real estate buzzword used to describe how attractive a house looks when people first see it.

Garage Doors Make a Statement

The garage doors you choose say a lot about you and your style. Whether you love a modern look or prefer something more traditional, like wood, make sure your new doors don’t make the wrong statement.

With a wide range of materials, sizes, shapes, and hardware options, it’s not difficult to match the door to the design of your home and personal tastes.

In the past, if a home had a garage, it stayed out of view behind the house. Today, many garage doors take front and center, making them a prominent design feature.

The entire package, including materials, color, and hardware, should work to say, “welcome to our home.”

Goodbye Boring White Doors

We know—painting a door white creates a clean, uniform look that complements just about any home design. Indeed, white is a classic color for garage doors, and a bright white door will add curb appeal. That said, don’t shy away from one of the other top color choices.

Consider painting the doors in one of the many shades of gray for a classy, chic look. Go for a trendy, hip feel with black doors. Brick or stone exteriors get a touch of sophistication with a neutral beige or taupe paint.

Before you brush on the color, look at the front door.

You don’t want the garage door color to match the front door, mostly if you’ve painted it in a bright, primary color. On a large surface like a garage door, bold, bright colors feel distracting. Instead of feeling impressed with your new color scheme, the neighbors may cringe instead.

The paint you choose for your garage doors should create an intentional contrast with the trim and other exterior colors of your home.

How Not to Confuse the Architecture of Your Home

So, you’ve fallen in love with a stunning carriage house-style door, but you’re living in a mid-century modern home. When you buy a door on a whim, or just because it catches your fancy, without considering the design style of your home, the door may look out of place.

That traditional carriage house door? It will look fantastic if you have a craftsman, Tudor, Spanish Colonial, or victorian home design.

If your home style is mid-century modern or contemporary, and you install a fussy, heavy garage door, you’ll confuse your neighbors. Be careful about mixing design elements so that you don’t make people wonder too much about your home’s architectural style.

All the Little Details Add to Curb Appeal

We’ve all seen plenty of plain vanilla garage doors. They’re in every neighborhood! As we mentioned earlier, there’s a place for a vibrant white door, but if you’re aiming to increase your home’s curb appeal, add a little detail—or two.

If you choose a carriage house style, the details are already built-into the door. Maybe your door has fleur-de-lis patterned hardware or a hammered knocker.

Contemporary garage doors often use glass, metal, and wood elements to make them stand out. You can also choose right or left-side windows in a range of glass options.

Potted plants placed at the side of your garage entrance or decorative stonework on the area surrounding the doors add even more detail. It’s the details that make garage doors pop, and of course, it’s the pop that often increases curb appeal.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can also add details by doing a garage makeover, doors included!

How Do You Know What Works?

After reading through a few curb appeal ideas, do you feel more confused than ever? Relax and take a step back! Figuring out which door styles, colors, and other garage door design elements will work best for your home doesn’t need to feel like a chore.

Start by identifying the architectural style of your home. Then think about the colors of your exterior paint, trim, and roof. Choose a garage door style in a material and color that complements the rest of your home.

Select the best quality doors that will fit your budget. Then, and add a few extra details like plants, lights, or natural stone accents.

Don’t let the process overwhelm you. If you feel like you can’t choose, consult with an expert at the place where you’re thinking about buying your doors.

Ready to Impress Your Neighbors with New Garage Doors?

Now that you’ve discovered the tricks of beefing up your curb appeal by updating and upgrading your garage doors, you’ll want to work with a team that understands the importance of high-quality.

We not only keep up with garage door trends, but we also appreciate that each customer has unique needs. We’re proud of our quality work and our focus on customer service.

Contact us today, and let’s get your garage door project started! We guarantee your neighbors won’t stop talking!