Garage Door Maintenance for Winter: Getting Your Home Ready


Are you worried about your garage when it comes to the colder months? We have all the tips on garage door maintenance for winter that you’ll need.


When you start to feel the cold air, you know that winter is coming. This is one of the best times to head out to your garage and check on your garage door.

Being exposed to the elements, a lot can wear your door down. Before it’s too late, you should consider doing some garage door maintenance for winter.

This way, your garage door will be ready to take on the cold.

Are you wondering how to properly do this type of maintenance? We’ll tell you in this article.


How to Do Garage Door Maintenance for Winter in Oregon and Washington


Your garage door is the only barrier between the inside and outside of your garage. That means that you should always be sure that it’s in top condition.

You can do some steps yourself, but you should always keep in mind that a professional should take a look as well. You can tell when there’s a problem, but a professional can get to the root of it and safely repair it.


Do an Inspection


The first thing you should do is inspect your door. Open and close it a few times watching for places it might get caught. Sticking can mean that there’s a problem with the door when it slides.

If you hear anything out of the ordinary, this can be an indicator of problems as well.

Your garage door should slide smoothly and without sound, aside from the sound of the opener. If it doesn’t, it might be time to call a professional.

This will also give you a chance to ensure that your remote is functioning as it should.


Check the Balance


If the door seems to be working fine on its own, you should check the balance next. You can do this by manually lifting the door and observing the results.

If the door isn’t balanced, you might feel it drop on its own. This can also wear out your garage door opener over time.

If you don’t feel comfortable checking the balance yourself, you should call in the professionals to do it for you.


Seal It Up


The seal of your garage door is important for keeping the outside elements out. Without it, you’d find water, bugs, and other things inside of your garage.

Seals are also meant to help keep in the heat within your garage. This means that if the heat is escaping, your energy bill is going to rise.

The best way to check this is to go out at night and close the garage door. Turn on all the lights and stand back from the door.

If you notice light shining through, then your seal is damaged. This is something you’ll want to have fixed before the winter hits.

To avoid this, it’s good practice to regularly clean your seal. This can keep it in good shape for a much longer time.


Verify All the Parts


There’s a lot of parts that go into making a garage door work as it should. There’s also some maintenance that needs to take place before the winter to make sure that the parts are in working order.

If all the parts are working, then it’s time to move onto lubricating them. If you’ve never done this before, you should call a garage door repair service like we offer at Garage Harmony.


Miscellaneous Tasks


After you’ve verified all the above, it’s important to have a look at a few other areas of the door.

Even if the door isn’t sticking, you should still check the rollers and brackets. Rollers can wear out over time with the use of the garage door. This is because you’re likely using the door multiple times each day.

If you find any broken rollers, they’ll need to be replaced.

Cables are also very important to the function of your garage door. You should be sure that they’re connected and not loose.

Check for damage as well. If the cables are broken, you’ll need the help of a garage door repair service.

One last thing to check is the door itself. There shouldn’t be any cracks or chips in it as this will allow the air to escape and the outside elements to enter.

If you can verify that all these areas are in working order, you’ll be prepared for winter.


Why Do I Need Winter Maintenance?


When the wintertime hits, it gets cold quickly. Your garage needs to be protected from the outside elements.

If your garage door isn’t working properly or if it’s vulnerable, it can cause issues inside. To be fully prepared, winter maintenance is necessary to do each year.

At Garage Harmony, provide maintenance to customers in Oregon and Washington. Our maintenance involves doing all the above steps and more. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it and fix it.

Our professionals can get to the root of the problem and have your garage door prepared for winter in no time.


What Else Can I Do to Prepare my Garage Door for Winter in Washington or Oregon?


Have you ever considered an insulated garage door?

These doors can function in the same way as your current door does. The difference is that they give the added benefit of insulation. That means there’s less chance of air escaping, and you’ll save money on your energy bill each month.

For Washington and Oregon winters, this can be especially helpful.

In addition to your winter maintenance, you could benefit from a brand new insulated garage door installation.


Looking for Garage Door Repair or Maintenance?


You know the importance of garage door maintenance for winter, and you also know how to do it. It can be a difficult task to do yearly, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

If you don’t have the time or want to be sure that your maintenance is done correctly, our services may be of use to you.

Give us a call today at 1-855-427-2432 to schedule your garage door maintenance before winter makes its way to your garage!