Commercial Garage Door Installation: What Are Your Options?


Commercial garage doors need to be functional, useful, and attractive. Though you might not think about them much, they’re an integral part of your business.

Choosing the right type of door is important for many reasons. When picking one, you need to think about what it’s used for and how it functions.

But there are so many to choose from! How do you choose the right one for your business?

If you want to know your options when it comes to commercial garage door installation, read on.


The Types of Garage Doors


Each garage door differs in many ways. Some open upwards, others open sideways, and some have their own unique ways of opening. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right door.

Style and type are arguably the most important factor to consider. Here’s an overview of the different types that you can choose from.


Overhead Doors


One of the most common and popular types of garage doors is the overhead door.

These doors have many advantages over others. This is due to their ease of use and because they’re customizable.

They’re powered manually or automatically through the use of a remote. They slide up rails placed on either side, which hoist them up to the ceiling. When fully pulled up, they sit overhead where they’re out of the way.

They’re built from many different types of material including aluminum or glass. Each slat in the door is connected to another through hinges. This allows the door to fold as it reaches the top of the rails.

It’s a great option for businesses who want the commercial garage door to be out of the way when it’s open, but useful when it’s closed. It’s also a great choice if protection is one of your concerns.


Roll-up Doors


Roll-up doors are like overhead doors as they both retract into the ceiling. The difference is that roll-up doors retract into a roll above the opening. This puts them out of the way when you’re loading or unloading products.

They also differ in the size of slats that are used to form the door. On a roll-up, these are typically much thinner than with an overhead door. Since they’re so much smaller, it allows the door to roll easier.

It’s a great alternative to overhead doors if you’re working with less overhead clearance. This is because you don’t need rails to open up this type of garage door.

Being easy to use and tucked out of the way, it’s desirable for businesses who don’t have much space in their garages.


Fire-Rated Doors


Fire-rated doors are a more powerful overhead door. It functions in exactly the same way, but this type is more protective and durable.

It’s commonly made of thick steel that is fire-resistant as its name suggests. If a fire occurs, the door will close automatically to help stop the spread of flames. The protection it offers is unmatched.

If that didn’t convince you about how helpful these doors are, you should know that it can also come insulated. This can give you some great energy-saving benefits for your business.

Allowing heat or cold air to escape can put some serious strain on your HVAC system.


Security Grilles


Do you have a storefront or businesses located in a mall? If you do, security grilles can be especially helpful.

They’re often made from steel or tempered glass, but there are many other materials that they can come in. You can often design them to fit a certain aesthetic as well.

When closed, the door will cover the entire opening of your store, protecting it from theft. You can have them installed in a few ways. They can fold up and tuck into the side of your store, or they can fold upwards toward the ceiling. It all depends on your preference.

They can also be customized in size so that they fit perfectly in your store.


Fabric Doors


Fabric doors are a great choice for places that are prone to high-traffic.

Believe it or not, they can do many of the things that insulated steel doors can do. Fabric is a great insulator that can keep the cold or heat out. The air also has a hard time escaping from these doors. This makes them great for cooler rooms in stores or labs.

Being great insulators, this type of garage door can also help you save energy and money.

Best of all, you can pick the color and type of fabric that you want to go with.


What Else Should You Think About?


Once you’ve settled on the type of door that you want, you need to think about a few other options.

The first thing to think about is size. How big will the opening for the door be? How much space do you have for your garage door?

You need to make sure that the garage door will properly fit the space where you need it. Some types of doors may have standard sizes, while others can be fitted to the space where you need them.

You should also consider the color. What would go best with your building? Are you going for a certain aesthetic?

When weighing out your options, you should think about these two factors.

Don’t forget to consider the needs of your building before choosing one. If you need to keep it in the heat or the cold, then you’ll need a type of door that is insulated.

If you need protection, then you’ll want to go with a more protective or durable option.

All these factors can narrow down your options, and ultimately help you choose the right door.


Are You Ready to Invest in Commercial Garage Door Installation?


When choosing from your options with garage door suppliers, it’s important to know the benefits of each type of door. Now that you know about the options that you can choose from for your business, it’s time for installation.

At Garage Harmony, we provide an incredible commercial garage door service. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your commercial garage door installation!