Many businesses such as offices, bars, restaurants, and car dealerships are now using a glass garage door to create appealing contemporary indoor/outdoor architecture. Glass garage doors are becoming more and more popular to homeowners for the same reasons they are for business owners.


Residental Glass Garage Door


Types of Garage Door Glass


Glass garage doors are a lot more safe and secure than you might think. Tempered glass for garage doors are made impact-resistant glass for extra added strength and security. The glass can be frosted so people can not see into your business or home. Mirrored and tinted glass can be used for security and for a more luxurious curb appeal.

A glass garage door can be exposed to some of the most extreme weather temperatures hot, cold, and wind while keeping out dust and dirt so your area will stay safe and clean. If you’re looking out, scenic views are enhanced with a glass garage door.


Aluminum Garage Door Frame


Most of the glass garage doors are framed with aluminum to offset the weight of the glass. You will need to have an electric garage door opener if you decide to install a glass door. You will want the door to open and close with ease as the door will be as heavy as a steel door with all the glass. The door has multiple panels like most garage doors.


Natural Light With Glass Garage Doors


Installing a glass door to your building will bring in a lot of extra natural light to your rooms. Your business will stand out with this modern luxurious design style of garage door. There are several styles for you to choose from.


Glass Door Sales And Service


If you live in Portland, Bend, OR, Vancouver, WA or Plano, TX areas, Garage Harmony offers new garage door sales and installation of glass garage doors for your business or your home. Call 1-855-427-2432 for new door sales, installation and service of glass garage doors.