Part of keeping your home’s value up involves knowing which areas need a replacement. Here are signs you need to replace your garage door.

Garage doors are an underrated part of your home. Many homeowners take them for granted and overlook their need for regular maintenance. Keeping your garage door looking decent and functioning properly is important to your home’s curb appeal and your family’s security.

Though garage repair and maintenance is the first option when tending to your garage door, sometimes it gets to a point where your garage door will need a full replacement. Normal wear and tear are unavoidable, but let’s take a look at some of the circumstances in which it makes more financial sense to replace the door entirely.

1. Your Garage Door Keeps Malfunctioning

If your garage door is constantly experiencing trouble, it might be time to have it replaced. Perhaps you have regular trouble opening or closing the garage door, or maybe it gets stuck halfway between open and closed.

Though repairs are always a possibility, you have to decide if the money and time spent on repair services, labor, and garage door parts are worth it. In many instances, it’s more cost-effective and less stressful to have the door replaced.

Garage doors that don’t function properly can pose a threat to your safety, putting your belongings and your family at risk of a break-in. If you’re having persistent issues, you might want to look into a replacement.

2. Your Door is Noisy

It’s not uncommon for garage doors to make some noise when opening and closing, especially as the years go by. A minor tune-up can usually lessen any squeaks, but if you notice excessive creaking, cracking, or grinding noises each time you open your garage, it’s might be time to update your garage door.

Loud noises are a sign of a door that is deteriorating and if it goes untreated, you can expect to pay more in repair costs. By replacing your door sooner, you can prevent any potential injuries or damage to your vehicle.

3. Your Door is Outdated

Styles come and go, and some garage door designs age better than others. With modern improvements in function, design, and architecture, there’s always a new array of stylish garage doors to choose from.

Though you don’t need to feel compelled to stay on top of the latest and greatest new designs each year, you can really boost your curb appeal by updating your garage door, particularly if your current door obviously outdated.

Updating your garage door offers you a new opportunity to choose from many custom styles and materials to boost the appearance of your house with this one simple change.

4. Your Garage Door Has Sustained Lots of Dents

Kids bicycles, harsh weather, basketballs, or car collisions can all bump up against the garage door and make a mark. Dents and dings can’t be avoided forever, and most of them can be patched up well enough to make them unnoticeable. However, as the dents add up over time and due to regular use, your garage door can start to look worn out.

When the appearance of dozens of dings has gotten to be too much, consider freshening up the appearance of your garage with a new garage door installation.

5. Your Current Garage Door is Energy Inefficient

Older garage doors are lacking in modern energy-efficiency and safety updates. Some of these extras include weather strips and sealing joints to keep the cold and hot air out, bottom seals, and insulation.

These additions reduce your home’s energy consumption and control temperature both in the garage and in the home as a result. If your current garage door is without these components, you might want to consider the benefits of an upgrade.

6. A Lack of Security

Old garage doors aren’t as secure as newer models on the market today. So many garage door features have evolved over time in regards to the materials used, the construction methods, and the available features.

Today’s doors offer sturdier materials and more durable designs. Smart locking mechanisms also add to the overall security of the garage. Those who are experienced at breaking into garages and homes will look for those with old garage door styles which are much easier to manipulate than modern doors.

Sensors and smart garage door opening devices can be linked to mobile apps so that garages can be monitored and controlled remotely for added security.

7. Your Current Door Has Several Broken Parts

If your garage door has sustained damage to its wires, hinges, or handles, this is a sign that you probably want to consider a new garage door installation. Any hanging wires or broken handles will prevent your door from working to its full capacity and can also present a safety hazard.

As mentioned, simple malfunctions of flaws that can be easily repaired with some DIY skills or the help of a handyman are worth that effort. But if you see some of the bigger signs of damage or inability that are mentioned above, replacing your garage door is something worth considering. Seek out the advice of a professional installation service to get their feedback before moving forward one way or another.

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