5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Have an Insulated Garage Door


If you own a home or business you should think seriously about installing a new residential insulated garage door or a new commercial insulated garage door. 


Insulated garage doors can keep the area in the garage warmer by 14 degrees or more in the winter months. This is a wonderful type of door to have if your kids play in the garage in the winter. It’s a great type of door if you also use part of your garage as a workroom, gym, or shop.  


1. Insulated doors will save energy and save you money


Insulated doors can cost you more money but you’ll be saving lots of money on your heating and energy bills in the long run. Most garages do not have heater vents, this causes heat from your home to escape into a cold in poorly insulated garages. Over the lifespan of your newly installed garage door, you’ll be saving more money over time.


2. Insulated garage doors are more durable 


When a garage door is insulated it is actually more durable. The garage doors are less likely to dent from bumps, dings, and scratches when they are insulated. Garage door panels that are insulated also are more durable to bikes, basketballs, and items stored in your garage such as shovels, lawn equipment, and snow blowers. 

3. Your car, truck, or van are more protected with an insulated door


Winter weather can bring cold temperatures into your garage. The freezing cold can wreak havoc on your car, truck, or van battery life. Since the garage door mechanisms are on the inside of the door, these parts will not be vulnerable to cold weather conditions if the door is insulated. Most people store several miscellaneous items in their garages, an insulated door will save your power tools, tents, and stored belongings from harsh winter weather. 


4. Noise level is held to a minimum 


An insulated door is a much quieter door to have installed in your home or business. It will cut down on outside noise including street traffic. An insulated door also keeps the noise level down within your garage and home. Your neighbors will not complain about hearing power tools or music playing loudly. Your kids can run around making all the noise they want inside the garage with an insulated door. 


5. Keep warmer temperatures inside your garage

If you are like most people you use your garage for more than just parking your vehicles. We use our garages for hobbies, exercise, woodworking and to work on our vehicles. When your garage is warmer it makes a more comfortable working environment. We often use garage doors as the main entrances into the house. Having a warm garage makes it easier to take in groceries and remove kids from car seats. 


Save Money, Reduce Energy Bills, Protect Vehicles and Belongs From Harsh Weather with a New Insulated Garage Door. 


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