Are you unsure of how much getting a garage door repair job done is going to cost you? This helpful guide breaks things down for you.

Did you know that burglaries in residential homes happen every 23 seconds? Damaged garage doors are one of the leading causes.

A garage door repair helps give you peace of mind that your house is safe. It also provides a sense of security when parking your vehicles in the garage.

Your garage is also something that gives your house a great aesthetic appeal. Additionally, you want to make sure that you aren’t cutting corners when getting yours fixed.

A garage door repair varies in cost; keep reading on to learn more about what a repair job will cost you.

Garage Door Repair

There are several components to a smoothly functioning garage door. Some of these include the spring, garage door opener, cables, tracks, and sensors.

How can you tell when your garage door isn’t functioning quite right?

For starters, if the door is moving extremely slowly, then you can narrow it down to a few things. Your garage door is either too old and needs replacing, it needs upgraded programs, or it requires lubrication.

Typically, garage doors last around 15 to 30 years. This is dependent on the type of garage door you have and how heavily it is used.

Sometimes, it is a simple fix to adjust the program speeds. You can find this in your manual. If lubrication is the problem – you should oil the hinges and tracks.

A more serious concern is when your garage door is jerking when it moves. In this case, the garage door is at risk of coming off the tracks. You should immediately call a garage service company.

Other times, a garage door spring repair is needed. You can tell spring has broken when the door seems off-balanced or is sagging in one area. An easy way to test if you need a garage door spring replacement is to bring the garage door to the halfway point.

If it does not stay in one spot or appears to be dropping down in one area, then you should call your local repair service company. Another common problem is a damaged garage door opener. First, make sure that your garage door is functioning properly by opening and closing it manually.

If the door is working fine, then you have a problem with the opener. There are a few things to try before purchasing a new one – you can double-check the electricity and light or unplug it and restart over.

Repair Costs

On average, garage door repair costs around $125 to $290. Some repairs increase to $800. Keep in mind that if your repair costs are inching towards $1,000 – you might be better off replacing it.

The average cost to replace one is between $550 and $1,800. You can discuss your options with a professional service and repair team. Ultimately, it might save you more hassle down the road to opt for a new garage, especially if you are nearing that 15 to 30-year mark.

A garage door spring replacement will cost, on average, between $120 and $350. Torsion springs tend to cost more than extension springs. The cost is determined by what type your current garage door uses.

Another factor that impacts the cost of a spring repair is the kind of garage door you have. If you have a 2-garage roll-up door, the cost will be closer to $250.

Often, a spring breaks because the garage is not regularly maintained. You can look into regular check-ins by a garage mechanic to ensure your door is functioning properly and to avoid future problems.

Typically, you can count on garage springs to last approximately 10,000 cycles. If you go through four garage cycles per day, then your springs will likely last seven years. As you can imagine, springs are one of the first parts to break down.

If you need to replace the cables or tracks, it can cost upwards of $200 to $300. To replace a garage door opener, it has a price range of around $300 to $500. You can ask about repair costs first, which can sometimes bring the price down a bit lower.

Garage Door Installation

If you opt for replacing your garage door, you have the chance to pick from a variety of different types of doors and styles. A new garage can improve your home’s resale value and give it a more modern look. Updated designs also have improved security features.

These features provide updates on sensors and remote controls. You can also add these security features to your existing door, depending on the type and model.

If you have many problems going on with your garage, be sure to check out recent models for an updated appearance.

Wood materials are some of the most expensive doors out there. If you want a nice garage within a more affordable price range, check into steel or aluminum materials. Keep in mind that the cost of repairs and installation does not often include the labor costs.

It could be worth getting a price estimate for repairs versus installation from a trusted and reliable company. If you are still unsure of what route to go – keep in mind that the older your garage gets, the more repairs, it will need.

New and Improved

Garage doors are costly. Whether you need a garage door repair or installation, make sure that you go through a professional service company for all your needs.

Not only can they fix up your garage, but they can also provide routine maintenance and give you estimates on pricing. If you need someone to come to check out your garage door, then contact us today and let us send you a professional team to advise you on your repair costs.