Often an overlooked improvement to your home is your garage door opener.


Upgrading your garage door opener is actually one of the safest things you can do for your family. The features of a new garage door opener are well worth the price of updating your door opener.


1. Wireless & Smartphone Features


The latest and greatest garage door openers on the market offer cell-phone and WiFi connectivity.

New WiFi and Cell Phone Features:

  • You can lock and unlock your garage door from a remote location.
  • An alert will let you know when your garage door is open where ever you are located.
  • You can set your garage door to close automatically after a period of time you set.
  • All you need is an App on a cell phone, tablet device, or computer.
  • You can program lock-down periods for the garage door for times that you are away.
  • Your vehicle may even have features built-in that can control your garage door.


2. You’re in Need of Better Security


Garage door openers that are older can easily allow thieves to break into your home. New door openers have security features such as rolling codes that change the code every time the opener is used. Remote controls with a fixed code can allow a person with the right device to open your garage door. New garage doors elevate those that may try to get into your home uninvited. You worked hard to purchase your household and garage belongings, better security keeps your valuables safe.


3. You’re Garage Door Seems to be Dragging


Garage doors are raised up and down several times a day. If you have an older garage door opener it could simply just be wearing down without a lot of life left in it. Most likely your garage door has been going up and down continuously for over 10 years. You can repair your older garage door but it might be easier to replace your opener. When you replacing an opener with a new one you can take advantage of all the new features it has.


4. The Current Opener Creeks and is Getting Noisy


If your garage door opener is making all kinds of crazy noises it may be time to look into a new garage door opener. Noises that sound strange and have loud vibrations my mean your garage door system is out of adjustment and wearing down key parts of the garage door opener. New garage door openers are much quieter than older garage doors. Screw drives and belt drives tend to be the quietest opener. A new chain drive will most definitely be quieter than your old belt drive.


5. You’re Looking for a New Keypad Entry System


Garage door openers that are older often did not come with keypads. Keypads can be mounted on the outside of your garage door. Keypads are great for when you out running an errand and your kids get home from school or getting back from a friend’s house. They punch in an easy code, there are even fingerprint detection models that will open the garage door without the need for a code.

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